During her participation in “Cairo ICT 2022”: Metwally: "Etisalat from e&" confirms its commitment to support the country's trends towards digitization and launch new innovative services


    -         Yahya: "Cairo ICT" is a golden opportunity to showcase our advanced and pioneering services to enhance the capabilities of our customers

    By: Bakinam Khaled - Amir Taha


    Etisalat Misr is participating in the 26th edition of the International Exhibition for Communications and Information Technology "Cairo ICT 2022", which comes under the slogan "Leading change", which will run from 27-30 November, with the participation of more than 400 representatives of global, regional and local technology companies in various sectors. Communications, information technology, smart transportation, smart cities, financial inclusion and technology solutions.

    The company's participation in the Cairo ICT exhibition comes after announcing its strategic plans in the coming period, which included the transformation from a telecommunications company to an integrated technology company that includes several new companies under its umbrella. With the aim of introducing the leading and integrated e& model in the Egyptian market. The agenda of our participation in this year's edition of the exhibition includes offering various technological solutions and services, whether for individual users, companies or commercial customers, to ensure that they continue to obtain the best services in the electronic payment, data transfer services, fixed telephone, virtual assistant services and smart city systems.

    Metaverse Tour

    E&Etisalat offers this year many pioneering solutions, including the Metaverse Tour, where the Egyptian historical monuments will be displayed using the latest technologies, including the experience of visiting Egyptian temples in the world of Metaverse, and digital work environment solutions, in which the company offers a SaaS product that enables different business sectors to Work efficiently and effectively, with a unique and powerful suite of software to manage their entire business, and intelligent industry solutions such as the Internet of Things to enable manufacturers to manage all stages of production and process optimization, proactive maintenance, and predictive analytics with platforms that meet the needs of all industries.


    Etisalat Misr also cooperates with key players in the market (global and local) to provide innovative ICT solutions and serve customers in different sectors and industries using the latest technologies to enable businesses to meet the challenges of the future. The list of partners includes a large number of major players in the technology field, including ZOHO, HoneyWell, Software AG, ESS, China Mobile and HelpAG, in addition to a select list of the largest real estate developers, including in terms of commercial and administrative projects, including Cairo Festival City and New Giza, and in terms of residential projects, both companies Hassan Allam, Enrichia and Palm Hills.



    For his part, Eng. Hazem Metwally - CEO of Etisalat Misr, stressed that the company is keen to participate regularly in Cairo ICT exhibition as it is a center for displaying the latest practices of international, regional and even local companies, as well as an important forum for exchanging experiences and visions for the benefit of the entire sector.


    Metwally added that Etisalat Misr is participating in the exhibition this year after it announced last June the launch of "Etisalat from e&" as a new brand to go in line with the new identity of the e& group, within the framework of the group's transformation into a world-leading group in the field of technology investment, which in turn is reflected in empowering communities.


    He indicated that the company was keen, in its participation this year, to emphasize the company's support for the country's trends towards digital transformation, within the strategy of the parent group e&, where investment in the country's national projects is among its main objectives. In this context, Etisalat Misr provides smart city services and meets the requirements of citizens, while preserving state resources. The company also plans to launch new services to enhance financial inclusion plans in light of the development of telecom services under the e& umbrella.


    Metwally indicated that the "Cairo ICT" exhibition is being held this year after the great success of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), stressing that sustainability is a major focus in e&'s communications strategy, as the company has a general tendency to shift its branches to a green transformation system go green to achieve sustainability at the level of the company's services, and takes into account the adoption of environmental practices and the application of sustainability standards at all levels. To work with new and renewable energy, to be the first company in the telecommunications sector to sign an agreement with the state to purchase and use clean energy.


    On the other hand, Eng. Ahmed Yehia, CEO of Individuals Sector at Etisalat Misr, said: “Today, we are present in the most important gathering of technology companies globally, regionally and locally under our new brand, based on fifteen years of experience and leadership in the Egyptian market, during which we succeeded in enhancing value for subscribers, shareholders and investors. and society as a whole.”


    Yahya added that Cairo ICT exhibition is a golden opportunity to showcase the company’s advanced and pioneering services in the context of digital transformation efforts. He also said that the company aims from its permanent participation in the “Cairo ICT 2022” exhibition and conference, to come up with mechanisms that would establish a sustainable smart infrastructure, especially since It brings together several government agencies, sectors, and specialized companies, which helps to exchange opinions. It also represents a great opportunity to discuss the upcoming technological plans, promote the company's products, enhance its position locally, regionally and internationally, and enhance its role in implementing the digital transformation strategy and financial inclusion for Egypt's Vision 2030.


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