ONPASSIVE Announced as Strategic Partner for the 26th Arab-African Investment and International Cooperation Exhibition and Conference

  • The 26th session of the Arab-African Investment and International Cooperation Exhibition and Conference, themed "Youth is the Focus of Development - Opportunities and Challenges," is set to commence under the esteemed patronage of the Egyptian Cabinet and the League of Arab States. Taking place from October 30 to November 3, 2023, in the picturesque Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, this event will be proudly hosted in strategic partnership with ONPASSIVE, a global leader in the fields of technology and artificial intelligence.


    ONPASSIVE's involvement in this exhibition and conference underscores the crucial role of technology and AI in the rapidly changing landscape of Arab and African countries. The aim is to encourage the public, private, and common sectors to embrace digital transformation and machine learning. Numerous international studies and reports emphasize that technical excellence is closely linked to the social and economic development of all nations and peoples, a goal shared by leaders and governments through ambitious national agendas.


    This event aligns with Egypt's established approach of fostering an investment-friendly climate, fostering the exchange of ideas, and exploring projects and opportunities on a global scale. Egypt's pivotal role in the Arab and African world, along with its vision for Sustainable Development 2030, is geared towards achieving financial sustainability and transitioning to a digital and knowledge-based economy.


    Distinguished Participants

    The event boasts an exceptional and distinguished audience, including the participation of the First Lady of the Republic of Serbia, Mrs. Tamara Vucic, and the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, alongside numerous sheikhs, princes, excellencies, ministers, and delegations from 35 Arab and African countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Jordan, and Zimbabwe. The inaugural session took place at the League of Arab States Headquarters, with subsequent events scheduled in Sharm El-Sheikh. This session is organized by the Union of Arab Women Investors, a body under the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, in coordination with the Businesswomen’s Association for Development, and enjoys the sponsorship and active participation of Egyptian ministries, entities, government institutions, and the private sector.


    Strengthening Strategic Partnership

    This year's conference is marked by a powerful partnership with ONPASSIVE, a global leader in the field of information technology. ONPASSIVE is proud to bring a suite of AI products and software to the event, offering cutting-edge solutions for the future of the Internet. Their "ONPASSIVE Ecosystem," "OCONNECT" platform for effective communication, and "OTRACKER" for comprehensive business analysis, along with several other AI-based applications and products, promise to drive innovation and progress.


    Eng./ Mohamed Kamal, Chief Operating Officer of ONPASSIVE, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic partnership: "We are thrilled to be partnering with the Arab-African Investment and International Cooperation Exhibition and Conference. Through our advanced technologies, ONPASSIVE aims to streamline operations for companies and SMEs, develop marketing tools, and manage customer relationships in the realm of automation and digital transformation. We recognize that economic growth is intertwined with digital and marketing in today's world, thanks to cutting-edge AI technologies. We believe that Arab and African economies urgently need to adopt these technologies and products to bolster their economies and enhance their national products, thus contributing to the long-term prosperity of these nations."


    Dr. Suzan Elkalliny, the academic and media advisor of ONPASSIVE and Executive Director of "OMEDIA," stressed the significance of participation to strengthen ONPASSIVE's presence in the promising Arab and African markets, establish partnerships, promote international cooperation, and showcase ONPASSIVE's products and software regionally and globally.

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن