#BookTok Community Witnessed Wide Engagement in Egypt from Reading Enthusiasts to Share Their Favorite Books

  • Coinciding with the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) TikTok, the globally leading platform for short videos, witnessed a widespread surge in engagement within the #BookTok community in Egypt during just those few days. The platform garnered immense interest from book lovers, enthusiasts, and content creators. Since its inception, the #BookTok hashtag has garnered over  29 million videos created by reading enthusiasts globally. This remarkable hashtag has encouraged users to express their opinions, ideas, and favorite book recommendations, enriching knowledge in the sector of literature and writing.


    #BookTok community has seen various activities to encourage TikTok users to visit CIBF and participate in its diverse events, including cultural seminars and discussions during the fair days. A dedicated page for the fair was launched on the platform to share attractive literary content, allowing users to create short videos to share book reviews, reading tips, and quotes from their favorite books. It also included a section for the most searched topics, in addition to content attracting creators to attend the fair.


    "The success of the #BookTok community is evident in its revival of the love for books and reading, which is flourishing more than ever in our society, thanks to the content creators who started their journey on our platform," remarked Kinda Ibrahim, Regional General Manager of Operations at TikTok for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Pakistan, and South Asia. "#BookTok forms a unique community for book lovers, where they share book reviews, writing tips, express their creativity through reenactments of scenes from famous novels, and participate in literary and cultural discussions. Recognizing the prominent status of CIBF in Egypt and the Middle East, we have ensured to hold numerous activities concurrently with its events to provide exceptional content for reading enthusiasts." 


    #BookTok is one of the most popular communities on TikTok in the Middle East and North Africa, #BookTok has built a community deeply passionate about books, where individuals can join and enjoy engaging and informative content. TikTok is considered the primary destination for young people looking for a fun learning experience, providing a safe space for creators in various sectors. It is a leading educational and entertainment platform, dedicated to serving a billion monthly users around the world.


    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن