Micro Focus strengthens its community partnership with 57357 Hospital and provides digitization solutions to improve health services

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    By : Faten El Kholy



    As part of its global initiatives and within the framework of commitment to social responsibility, Micro Focus, the global company for enterprise software, data security management solutions and applications and specialized in providing business institutions with the latest digital transformation solutions, announced its financial donation to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in Egypt 57357 with the aim of helping it carry out its humanitarian tasks in devising new ways to treat thousands of children suffering from various types of cancer, as well as improving the quality of services provided to children.


    This was announced at the hospital's headquarters during a donation ceremony attended by Gonzalo Usandizaga, President of Sales, Micro Focus International (EMA & LATAM), Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga, Director of 57357 Hospital and Secretary General of the Friends of the National Cancer Initiative Association, and Abdel Hamid Hassan, Sales Director of Micro Focus, Egypt.


    For his part, GonzaloUsandizaga, President of Sales, Micro Focus International, commented that this partnership with57357 Hospital reiterates their endeavors to help civil society organizations to continue to playing their role inadvanced developments in general, with special focus on the medical sector. 


    The Micro Focus team expressed hope that children do indeed benefit from the medical services provided by the hospital, as it was the consequence of a long yet fruitful process of cooperation with the hospital,to be able to provide a variety of digital transformation solutions that deliver superior health care services.


    He added, “We are pleased to have Micro Focus as one of the partners in the digital transformation process, which will support the efforts of Hospital 57357 to achieve more medical successes and victories in the field of cancer treatment through our digital solutions for deep analytics services based on artificial intelligence and high-performance machine learning technologies.


    This will facilitate the hospital to achieve the best medical outcomes for patients, easily comparable to what we see in many European countries”.


    He explained, Micro Focus, based in the United Kingdom and has more than 40,000 customers around the world and has about 15,000 employees, will help Hospital 57357to achieve the desired results, by accelerating the performance of tasks, simplifying digitization processes, and strengthening business resilience and analytics ontime, to provide the basic elements for success at the management level and to compete in providing medical services at international levels.


    Usandizaga also noted that Micro Focus provides cyber security solutions to help the hospital's technical team diagnose any potential risks or gaps in their cybersecurity set-up, and plans to provide the tools and support needed to accelerate the team's software development.


    He said: “This partnership reflects our behavior with responsibility that comes within the company’s social responsibility program Micro Focus Inspire and is at the heart of everything we do, whether it is internally formanaging employee relations or externally with customers and local communities or in the surrounding environment through our role in the transformation into a sustainable economy  and doing what we can to support the Hospital 5735an organization that helps children that have been diagnosed with cancer

    For his part, Dr. Sherif Abul-Naga, Director of Hospital 57357 mentioned that the relationship with Micro Focuscontinues and is developing annually, as it is one of the most important technology partners that has helped them develop and enhance work systems as well as the hospital's resource tool - starting from the process of patient intake, to the storage and management of patient data, data security, and improved treatment outcomes. 


    He added: “this positive community partnership is not the first with Micro Focus, which not only aims to help us provide global health programs for underprivileged Egyptian children with cancer by providing a range of digital solutions at affordable prices and technical support at the required level, but rather strongly expresses the company’s participation in humanitarian causes and its conviction of the importance of community service based on its responsibility towards the community in which it operates, and its keenness to continue the role of 57357Hospital in providing us with technological solutions to ensure high-quality health services for patients.


    Abul-Naga pointed out that this cooperation, through the Micro Focus initiative, is an embodiment of the fruitful partnership and successful community work between civil society institutions and private companies to improve the level of medical services and patient care. 


    It also facilitated delivering medical assistance as well as enabling patientsto obtain the necessary medicines easily and without facing any inconveniences.


    On the other hand, Mohamed Al-Ajaj, Technical Director at 57357 Hospital, said that data and information are the true wealth of the hospital, which through data analysis helps improve treatment systems for sick children and store and protect hospital data.


    He added, “We express our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to supporting the hospital's efforts and endeavors to achieve complete digital transformation and to rely on digital documents to keep pace with the new method of work, based on the principles of governance”. 


    Praising the efforts of Micro Focus in embodying the vision of 57357 hospital he was encouraged by seeing the tangible reality of transformation and the difference it will make to the lives of Egyptian children with cancer.


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