GCCIA hosts annual GO15 meeting in Dubai; calls for intensifying international collaboration towards energy transition and tackling climate change

  • The Global event serves as an international strategic platform to discuss grids of the future, e-mobility, digitization and storage


    By : Mohamed El Kholy


    The GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) successfully hosted and organized the annual GO15 meeting, the world's gathering of the largest power grid operators, at the Sofitel Jumeirah in Dubai. The meeting was convened and chaired by HE Ahmed Al Ebrahim, CEO, GCCIA and currently serving as the President of the GO15 organization.

    During the meeting, participants including key electricity sector leaders, discussed new strategies to create energy security and improve the reliability and resiliency of electricity transmission networks.


    The GO15 organization is a unique initiative that seeks to provide participants with a key platform to tackle power grid challenges. Aiming at addressing challenges and creating stronger industry insights, the meeting urged members to enhance collaborative partnerships between members and key players in the energy business.

    Ahmed Al Ebrahim, CEO of GCCIA and current President of GO15, said, “The recommendations and conclusions of the GO15 meeting are very valuable as they go in line with the main objectives of improving reliability and resiliency of electricity networks, advancing the integration of renewable energy and moving forward with energy and digital transformation.


    This will in turn support the efforts of tackling climate change. Moreover, the meeting provided specialized technical support among members in terms of planning, managing and operating electrical energy systems as well as ensuring highest levels of reliability and security of energy.”

    The meeting began by presenting the results and recommendations of the Strategic Work Group and Task Teams in developing operational and future planning processes and methodologies to address the role of future grids in the energy transition and the integration of renewable energy. Attendees also discussed advanced technologies implementation and case studies covering clean and renewable energy, electricity reliability, cost effectiveness, and resiliency. The discussions during the meeting concluded on presenting the proposed work programs for the year 2022, where it was approved to form study teams and conduct workshops and forums to exchange experiences.

    GO15 meeting provides an ideal platform for senior executives and experts to address the current and future challenges of the electricity networks, and to explore and direct special strategic initiatives to address them.

    The report of the General Secretariat for the year 2021 was also reviewed as discussions emphasized the importance of increasing activities related to the exchange of knowledge and experiences at the level of senior executives, especially members of the steering council. The participants supported the proposal of bilateral and multilateral cooperation among members to move beyond the stage of knowledge exchange. The meeting presented a roadmap to support achieving the lowest possible carbon emissions, in addition to addressing the issues of e-mobility, digital transformation and storage.

    The Chief of Operations of the Indian electric Network also gave a presentation on the efforts and initiatives of India in accordance with the directions of the COP26 conference and the clean energy journey in the country, where the current installed renewable capacity reaches up to 101 gigawatts. Also, the CEO of the Russian Electricity Network gave a presentation in which he shed light on the challenges of the electricity sector in Russia in the year 2021 and the projects carried out by the company to meet demand challenges.

    At the conclusion of the GO15 meeting, it was agreed to hold the next annual meeting with a high-level forum in Rome, Italy in October-November 2022. It was also announced that Mr Stefano Donnarumma, President of the Italian TERNA Electricity Corporation, would be the President of GO15, for the year 2022, and Mr. John Bear, CEO of the US Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), would preside over the following session in 2023.

    GO15 covers nearly 80% of the total global demand for electrical energy, and about 21% of the total global production of renewable energy.











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