Jumia: The deployment of electronic payment services is the first step to financial inclusion and digital transformation in Egypt



    By ; Nelly Ali


    Financial inclusion and digital transformation have in recent days.

    Therefore, Jumia, the leading e-commerce company, is supporting this

    vision, to switch to a non-monetary society.


    Jumia’s keenness on spreading electronic payment services comes in

    integration with the country’s efforts to provide banking services to

    Egyptians. “We aim to convert cash payments into non-monetary

    payments, which ensures economic development and contributes in

    supporting financial inclusion and attracting new investors to the

    local market.




    The country interest in launching the non-monetary law follows the

    package of reforms adopted by the Egyptian state, which aims to

    encourage citizens and institutions to limit the use of cash and

    replace it with non-monetary financial transactions, using electronic

    payment services or other modern technologies. Jumia has been adopting

    these reforms for more than 7 years, since its first operations in the

    Egyptian market. The company is keen on the diversification of payment

    methods offered to customers, from paying on delivery or paying by

    credit cards to paying through Fawry machines, available throughout

    the country.


    These methods are considered the first step towards financial

    inclusion, in order to save customers’ time, money and effort. They

    allow for the payment of all financial obligations from electricity,

    gas and water bills to school and family expenses.  It encourages

    citizens to switch to digital transactions and open bank accounts with

    no costs or fees, in order to benefit the national economy, achieve

    financial inclusion and facilitate the seamless transfer of money.








    Jumia One is an application that provides Egyptians now have access to

    all the online services that they need in one place through an easy,

    safe and affordable user experience. The application is secured

    whether you wish to pay using a credit card or debit card, since we

    deal with the best Egyptian banks to ensure secured transactions to

    our customers. Recharge, Mobile Bills, Internet Bills, Water Bills,

    Electricity Bills, Gas and Landline bills, are considered major

    services offered by Jumia One.




    Customers also get to enjoy offers & discounts through the cashback

    feature when using the online recharge service and all other services

    available online.

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