In the presence of the Minister of Communications and Head of Post

  • 80 million pounds for the opening of the Egyptian post center for exchange and logistics at Cairo International Airport


    By: Nelly Ali

    Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, accompanied by Essam Al-Saghir, Chairman of the National Post Authority, inaugurated the Egyptian Post Center for Exchange and Logistics at Cairo International Airport after its re-establishment and development based on the latest communication and information technology systems. And to receive all items issued from Egypt and received from all countries of the world via Egyptian mail.

    For his part, Dr. Amr Talaat stressed that the opening of the Egyptian Post Center for Exchange and Logistics at Cairo International Airport came in accordance with the latest international standards in order to enhance the capabilities of the Egyptian Post in the provision of logistics services and international e-commerce services to provide the service with a high level of quality, in addition to improving the shipping service and reduce costs He pointed out that the Center promotes cooperation with sister African countries by facilitating the provision of their e-commerce services.

     On the other hand, Essam Al-Saghir said that the total development of the center exceeded 80 million pounds as the development process was carried out in several basic stages. The development included the re-establishment of the logistics center building in Cairo airport in accordance with the standards of the Universal Postal Union, which aims to apply the highest quality methods to ensure access. The items also included the provision of transportation means used to transport postal items and the application of risk assessment tools for vital facilities in the postal network.

    The development included the implementation of all the basic physical and practical security measures applied to vital facilities, in addition to the basic requirements for securing international mail transport operations. The building is equipped with fully automatic gates, CCTV cameras and the latest fire alarm systems and X Ray detectors to achieve the highest level of security. The air transport data exchange system was implemented for the first time in order to ensure the delivery of high quality service. The postal exchanges were developed in terms of service standards to ensure the correctness of deliveries through postal exchange centers. Through a modern and secure electronic link with air carriers to exchange data easily with the aim of eliminating the loss of parcels and postal items during transit or transit between countries as well as adjust the service standards agreed with the airlines to ensure compliance with standard specifications.

    The customs data exchange system was updated in coordination with the Egyptian Customs Authority, where the Egyptian post provided all the necessary infrastructure and technological requirements to link with the customs authority in order to exchange the data of customs postal goods easily in accordance with the highest international standards. Exchange to automate the process of inspection, valuation and customs clearance, as well as the management of customs seizures in a manner that achieves full transparency, in accordance with the international postal agreements organized where the electronic link with the Customs Authority aims to achieve the highest degree of Fees and integrity in customs clearance operations to improve customs processing in terms of lead times, and provide all information about postal items through the Egyptian e-mail services on the site of the Egyptian post or the application of the Egyptian post on the mobile phone so that customers feel credibility and transparency when estimating customs duties.

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن