Bring your thoughts and feelings to life with HUAWEI THEMES

  • By : Mohamed El Kholy


    Art is a powerful way of expressing emotions, whether it be through a photograph, pencil or paintbrush. It is through these types of mediums that we are able to represent ourselves freely and unconventionally. HUAWEI THEMES also provides its users with the opportunity to express themselves through customising and personalising their everyday mobile screens. With over 300 000 free wallpapers, themes and fonts to choose from, HUAWEI THEMES enables you to turn your smartphone screen into a mobile canvas.

    It provides users with art in their pocket through new mediums such as moving backgrounds, instruments and (of course) some of the user’s favourite brands. Whether you are one that is more prone to abstract art, enjoy the sights of nature, or someone that enjoys having their favourite fantasy on-screen, HUAWEI THEMES has the aesthetic for you. Staying ahead of the curve If you want to add a bit more flair to your phone, it’s important to ensure that your Huawei device is updated to the latest EMUI version.

    In this way, not only will your device remain updated, but you will also have access to new themes and limited-edition wallpapers. A new feature from HUAWEI THEMES for select devices with EMUI 10 is Always-On Display (AOD), which allows you to customise your phone’s lock screen to show time, date, battery status, notifications and more while the screen is off.

    A new Morandi Style gradient colour scheme for the time and date text is now available, which changes according to the different times of the day such as morning, daytime, evening, or night, as well as new clock styles and widgets. Indulge in some window shopping Speaking of new themes and options, by updating your device to EMUI 10, you will also receive exclusive access to HUAWEI THEMES’ newest feature.

    Users can now test drive new paid-for themes for free for five minutes, before deciding if they want to permanently add them to their mobile canvas. Here’s how it works: You will first be provided with two options: ‘Try for Free’ and ‘Buy Theme’.

    If you want to test drive the theme first, select ‘Try for Free’, which will prompt the Theme to start downloading. After getting the chance to experience the Theme for five-minutes, a pop-up will prompt you to either close or purchase the theme. Our Hall of Fame Feeling indecisive about which masterpiece you wish to purchase?

    Luckily, HUAWEI THEMES allows its users to view its most popular theme and font choices, if you need a bit of inspiration. For all you know, someone has already picked a theme that will speak to you as well! User favourites include: Cavolini, Hollow Out, Fantasy Future, Hone, and Neon Dazzle Light Particles. There are, of course, still more choices to pick from other popular theme categories like ‘Colourful themes’, ‘Glow in the Dark’, ‘Functional Themes’, and ‘Editor’s Choice’.

    Content on the most popular themes categories is updated every second week – meaning you will always stay updated on HUAWEI THEMES’ user favourites, giving you constant inspiration. Customisable watch faces too HUAWEI also offers you the ability to bring your own style and flair to your wearables with HUAWEI Watch Faces, available for such devices as the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e, HUAWEI Band 4, or HUAWEI Watch GT 2.

    Your self-expression can therefore be showcased on both your mobile screen and watch faces! Different types of themes such as Luxurious, Sporty, Comic, and Mechanical are all readily available for download for your Huawei watch. Going once, going twice, sold! After doing some much needed window shopping for your Huawei device – whether phone, watch or laptop, it will be time to make a decision about which theme speaks to you the most. Themes range from USD 0.33 to USD 5.31, but you can receive great discounts via Weekend Specials, Crazy Wednesdays and Spontaneous 95% Off Days.

    With these discounts constantly lurking, you could spend as little as R1 on your new favorite theme. Visit HUAWEI THEMES today, and get browsing. You never know what may catch your eye to customise and personalise the art canvas in your pocket!

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن