Etisalat from e& cooperates with the Arab Organization for Industrialization to provide components for mobile networks


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      Etisalat Misr from e& signed a cooperation protocol with the Arab Organization for Industrialization with the aim of exploiting the capabilities of the authority’s factories in providing the needs of Etisalat Misr in terms of relay station towers, equipment rooms, cables, distribution panels, generators, in addition to solar cell panels, as part of the company’s policy to encourage Egyptian product.

    This comes within the framework of e&Etisalat's strategy to consolidate its position in the technology investment and digital services sector, its commitment to support the building and development of the communities in which it operates, and its keenness to add new dimensions and greater added value to its customers through solutions and services based on the latest digital methods to meet their needs, in line with The state's efforts to localize the industry, encourage local production, and achieve Egypt's Vision 2030.

    Engineer Hossam El-Maadawy, CEO of the institutional sector at Etisalat Company from e&, expressed his happiness and pride in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the industrial backbone of the Egyptian state. And he praised its expertise and manufacturing and human capabilities that it enjoys in accordance with international quality systems, pointing out its distinction in completing all areas of cooperation with the required efficiency, the highest levels of quality, speed of implementation and timely delivery, as well as after-sales services.

    He said: "This cooperation will represent a great addition to the Egyptian economy, especially since we will work on designing and manufacturing products with Egyptian thought and creativity and with the national manufacturing capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, which contributes to supporting the state's efforts to smooth the national industry, and contribute to the development of the work system in the information and communication technology sector, which will reflect positively towards achieving sustainable development.

    Major General A.H. Engineer / Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the importance of implementing the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to enhance constructive cooperation between state institutions and exploit national manufacturing capabilities to deepen industry and increase the proportions of the local component, localize technology, achieve industrial integration, and increase capacities Productivity, reducing imports, and increasing added value with national products under the slogan "Made in Egypt".

    He explained that the areas of cooperation between E&E and the authority include the design and manufacture of towers for stations in the factories affiliated with the authority, the manufacture and supply of cables at the electronics factory of Arabia for Manufacturing, in addition to the implementation of solar stations and the supply of generators and electricity distribution panels, according to the latest technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



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