Hytera Launches Rugged MCS Radio PDM680 to Empower Public Safety’s In-Depth Digital Transformation


    By : Adel Farig - Mohamed El Kholy

    At CCW 2021, Hytera launched the PDM680, its first rugged 3GPP-compliant Mission Critical Services (MCS) radio. The PDM680 is designed to help first responders stay connected and informed anywhere, anytime in critical situations.

    As a professional rugged radio, the PDM680 is purpose-built and equipped with reliable Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT), Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) and Mission Critical Data (MCData) services to support those working in the most challenging conditions.

    Rugged for harsh conditions, designed for flexibility

    The PDM680 is built for easy use in critical moments, as it is both rugged and durable, as well as being ergonomic in its design. The radio's IP68 rating and MIL-STD 810H certification ensure it will continue to operate reliably in extreme environments.

    The radio is designed to enable first responders to hear and be heard clearly. The best-in-class audio technology can reach a maximum SPL of 118 dB. Moreover, AI-based noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and wind noise cancellation technologies minimize background noise and boost audio clarity.

    "With the maturity of broadband technology and the need for service upgrades, the demand for data services in public safety is gradually increasing. The broadband services provided by commercial networks cannot fully meet the strict requirements of public safety users in terms of real-time availability and reliability. More and more countries are putting the development of MC-LTE networks on the agenda," said Yan Liu, Product Manager of Smart Radio Department, Hytera. "The PDM680 represents our deep experience in designing and developing mission-critical solutions for public safety users."

    Reliable communications are crucial for emergency service teams. MC-LTE services require higher network transmission efficiency, better signal quality and lower data latency. The PDM680 radio provides eMBMS and 40ms MCH Scheduling Period (MSP) functionality, which allows users to initiate a multi-cast session with a high quality of service and without user congestion.

    The LTE performance (TRP/TIS) of the PDM680 in key frequency bands is improved by about 2dB compared with off-the-shelf broadband devices to ensure stable communications are maintained even in situations with weak signals.

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