For the second time in a row: "CashCall" participates in the 25th Cairo ICT exhibition to encourage digital payments


    By : Mohamed El Kholy - Basel Khaled

    For the second year in a row, "CashCall", a company specialized in electronic payment services, which was established in cooperation with Victory Link, "MDIC" Group, and the "Scash" fund, is participating in the 25th edition of the Cairo International Technology Fair, Cairo ICT. This is through the kiosks spread throughout the exhibition to enable visitors and exhibitors to purchase without using cash, by charging a payment card and using it to obtain all services and products; This is in the context of encouraging digital payments and financial inclusion.

    Through CashCall services, all participants in the exhibition can charge their electronic wallets and use them to purchase all their needs of food and beverages during their presence in the exhibition through the interactive code feature (QR code) or entering a mobile phone number without the need to pay in cash, as well as the possibility of knowing The remaining balance and details of purchases through the SMS service on the mobile phone, all of which is done in a secure manner by entering the password of each user in the purchases.

    For his part, Osama Kamal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trade Fairs International, the organizer of the Cairo International Exhibition and Conference for Technology, said that the exhibition is the main destination in Egypt to present everything new in the field of communications and information technology, and with the demand for electronic payments in conjunction with the spread of the Corona pandemic, it was necessary To present an innovative model for the idea of ​​a cashless society, through which financial transactions can be facilitated, as it is an important step in the field of digital transformation and financial inclusion, where all visitors to the exhibition can have a means of payment with easy and simple procedures and according to their needs.

    On her part, Engy Al-Sabban, a member of the Board of Directors of CashCall Company and CEO of “Victory Link” company, the official sponsor of SMS services at the exhibition, said, “We always strive to provide pioneering services in the field of electronic payments using the latest financial technologies and advanced technical solutions, including the CashCall service, which By facilitating financial transactions as well as ease of use, its first experience during the last session of Cairo ICT achieved remarkable success. of visitors and exhibitors.

    On the other hand, Ahmed Mahrous, CEO of CashCall Company, said that he is proud of CashCall’s experience last year at Cairo ICT exhibition, which prompted the company’s organizers to repeat it again during the current year, as it allows through the exhibition to communicate with the pioneers of the technology sector and those interested in the field of technology, and therefore we consider it an opportunity to provide our services that seek to lead the community towards adopting the digital transformation project and financial inclusion, and through simple procedures and easy steps, users can obtain and use, until it becomes within their financial habits, especially since this service is fully secured, Through (QR code) and password.

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