Huawei Technologies announces its latest solutions to drive new value with its partners in education & healthcare


    By : Mohamed El Kholy – Mohamed Helmy


    Huawei Technologies, the leading global information and communications technology provider, announced the rollout of its latest innovative solutions in the education sector, "Smart Hybrid Learning". The solution contributes to supporting innovation to integrate online learning with classroom learning and enabling stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the education system. In addition, the electronic integration and synchronization between devices are accelerating the digital transformation process in the education sector, which aligns with the country's project to develop education under Egypt's Vision 2030.


    Moreover, to continue supporting the education sector, Huawei, in cooperation with Pharos Solution Company, launched the "Hybrid Education" technology, which integrates the two traditional educational systems and distance education. This technology aims to improve the learning experience to help platform users, including teachers, students, parents, and school management, participate actively by integrating the smart interactive board “HUAWEI IdeaHub” with the learning platform (Skoolix). In addition, this technology provides many virtual functions such as the smartboard and online sharing, which meets the requirements of online learning, whether in education or training and skills development.


    Furthermore, Huawei, in cooperation with KHABEER Software Industries, a Healthcare information Management Software, launched sustainable technology solutions for hospital emergency departments. These solutions seek to improve the health care service and increase efficiency by reducing response time within emergency departments and integrating the interactive Huawei IdeaHub with healthcare information systems based on the latest IoT and innovative technologies. Thus, meeting the needs of patients and keeping pace with developments in the healthcare sector.


    Finally, Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shaker Power Group, a specialized data center technology and systems integration company, to collaborate on data center design, integration, deployment. Huawei aims to provide solutions for data center facilities and the necessary training and workshops to qualify engineers and build their digital capabilities and skills to keep pace with the latest developments in this field. While "Shaker Power" provides integrated systems services and technical support for data centers. Together Huawei and Shaker Power will help customers to accelerate digital transformation of data center facility and support customers to achieve business success.



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