Discussing strengthening the prosperity and strength of Egyptian-Chinese relations after 65 years

  • By : Nahla Ahmed


    Egyptian-Chinese public relations, and participated in the symposium, addressing Ibn Rushd Hall, his former foreign assistant, and former Egyptian ambassador to China, Dr. El-Sawy El-Sawy Ahmed, Professor of Philosophy and International Relations Coordinator at Benha University, and Dr. Ahmed Kandil, Head of the International Relations Unit at Al-Ahram Center for Political Studies And strategy, and Mai Haroun, a journalist specializing in the field of health, and moderated the press symposium Atef, former editor-in-chief of Dar Al Maaref portal.

    The symposium discussed the history of Egyptian-Chinese relations and their development

    Ambassador Nouman stressed that Chinese relations began after the trade revolution in China in 1949, explaining that the Chinese state advanced its services and exported to the world, while other countries were reforming their structures after the successive years of occupation and the wars it fought.

    He added, the ambassador of Egypt, China Post, China, and some, and some Muslims, and some, and some Muslims, and some others, bring together Muslims and have some mosques. I demanded to open it and deliver the sermon to the Egyptian mission from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, which was during my tenure as the Egyptian ambassador there.

     On the other hand, it is only looking for its own interests.

    China conducts equal exchange and trade between the two parties, as it does not interfere in the internal affairs of any country, just as China is one of the member states of the Suez Canal, and Egypt has stood by them in the United Nations and the Security Council.

    She began to open up in the world, train in good luck, and interest as an anticipation of most countries and she is in several things, the first of which is they taught a psychological study and the first step is knowing yourself, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and self-reliance, the second stage is knowing the other.”

    On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Kandil said that China is the largest economy in the world and is on its way to becoming the first economy, after the “Covid-19” crisis, and this is planned, and that China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which has the weight of making decisions. intervention in Syria.

    China has participated, and has become the first trading partner of more than 120 countries in the world, a conscious initiative organization which is a huge business enterprise, the "Belt and Road" which puts forward a new vision of the world in the world unlike the Western one.

    Canada deals with problems in the surrounding environment, as well as China's measures in combating the epidemic since its appearance in the province of "Wuhan? Abd al-Rahman has taken strict control over him.

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