The French Electrosurgery Specialist Lamidey Noury Medical Back at Arab Health 2021


    By : Nahla Ahmed – Adel Farig

     Lamidey Noury will participate in the 2021 edition of the leading trade show Arab Health. Specialised in electrosurgery, the company develops instruments and solutions for electrosurgical applications. This year, it will be exhibiting with its partner Dex Surgical (company awarded its FDA accreditations) specialised in minimally invasive robotic surgery. The show will be an opportunity for visitors to find out about new innovative solutions in surgery.

    Lamidey Noury Medical is already established in the Middle East and Asia. It has been a part of the Arab Health show for more than 10 years. Covid has had a profound impact on the global health system, and the needs in terms of equipment and devices have shifted. In this context, coming closer to its customers makes sense and Arab Health is a wonderful means for achieving this. Lamidey Noury will be exhibiting this year in the French Healthcare Pavilion Za’abeel 2.

    Lamidey Noury has developed full-fledged expertise in the mastery of high-frequency power electronics. Working from this technology, new applications for vessel fusion and plasma saline resection can be developed. The company has developed a whole range of products for these applications and is widely recognized for its comprehensive and high-performance solutions. This year Lamidey Noury will present major evolutions of their bipolar resection system for urology and gynecology with the objective of establishing it as a world leader in the sector. A fine opportunity to find out all about this innovation at the upcoming show.

    The company is developing four product ranges, for applications in both human and veterinary medicine. Its flagship products, Plasma EDGE, are dedicated to urology and gynaecology. Underpinned by its expertise in energy and instrumentation, the company has formed a strong partnership with the Dex Surgical robot, used in robotic laparoscopic surgery. It is a modern, innovative solution that improves patient care and provides a certain comfort to the surgeon during the operation.

    Founded in 1947, Lamidey Noury is a company on a human scale that has successfully established itself over the years as an expert in its field. Thanks to its agility, the company has always been able to respond effectively with innovation. For the years to come, Lamidey Noury Medical wishes to continue on the path of differentiation, by offering unique and innovative solutions, to become a major world player in urology and gynaecology. 

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