MCS Celebrates 15 Years of Success and Expects 35% Growth in Cybersecurity Investments by the end of 2021

  • By : Nahla Ahmed


    In line with its vision to consolidate the cybersecurity industry, MCS has honored a selection of its business partners during the event organized with the participation of more than 200 distributors of cybersecurity solutions, products and, applications to celebrate its 15th anniversary of establishing MCS Holding and presenting its future vision about the future of the industry and its direct impact on the digital transformation system.

    The Partners Appreciation , which included awarding four Key distributors of MCS products, came to foster the commitment and  hard work that contributed strongly to driving the development engine for the IT industry and integrating efforts in featuring the future to maximize the return from cybersecurity investment, especially with the successive variables that resulted from Covid-19 in all local, regional and global markets.

    MCS Champion Award went to Raya Integration which is considered a strategic partner for MCS. Worth to be mentioned that Raya integration has successfully implemented more than 200 projects during the last 10 years. In addition, Hemaya IT won MCS Rising Star Award as the company has achieved 100% annual growth rate.  

    Fiber Misr won MCS Partner of the Year Award as the company has a remarkable fingerprint in the national projects through Implementing Infrastructure vision and plans. Furthermore, MCS Teleco Partner Award went to Diverse as the key player in communications and networking in the Egyptian market. 

    Commenting on this remarkable ceremony, Tarek Shabaka – CEO at MCS Holding said “We are proud to celebrate the 15th anniversary of establishing MCS, which has become a Holding group of 4 companies providing services to various countries of the African continent and the Gulf region.

    Now, MCS Holding delivers the top breed cybersecurity solutions, services, and products in Egypt in cooperation with the leading global vendors. MCS has been able, since its first day of establishment, to fulfill its promises to consolidate the concepts of digital development and raise community awareness about the importance of investing in information security solutions and products through development, education, and support programs for all partners, distributors and strategic agents.


    Shabaka added: “Achieving the top in cooperation with selection of distinctive partners has passed through 3 major timing phases for cybersecurity industry. First, it started by raising awareness about directing investments to information security solutions that haven’t exceeded 10% of the total investment for infrastructure building.

    Phase two has succeeded to raise the cybersecurity investment to 15%, which is considered a transactional phase where business sectors, commercial organizations, and governmental entities that have realized the role of security systems and its role in fulfilling the requirements for smart project management and more. Phase three witnesses the golden Era for the whole industry, and it’s expected to increase the spending to 35% of the total value of infrastructure by the end of 2021”

    Worth to be mentioned that MCS is shaping the future in managing successful partner relationships through “My Partner Program”, which delivers a comprehensive strategy including various educational benefits, technical support, and incentive and development programs for all group partners.

    The program is based on 4 main pillars with several incentives covering technical support, education, qualification, global expertise transfer, business development programs, profit multiplication, and growth rates, as well as sales incentives, certification and awards programs, and Gold incentive program, which includes upgrading the privileges of technical support, marketing, consulting and others.

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