Discounts Starting from 5% on Offered Real Estate Units The 5th Aqarmap Online Expo 2020 Kicks off, with the Participation of 15 Real Estate Developers


    Faten elkholy BY:


     In a new step that will enhance the efforts to promote modern user trends in real estate buying habits, and based on the digital solutions provided by Aqarmap, the leading real estate marketing search engine, the platform announced today the participation of 15 real estate developers in the activities of its Aqarmap Online Expo 2020, which is scheduled to start on Friday, November 27th, coinciding with Black Friday.


    It is expected that more than 15,000 users who are interested in purchasing real estate units online will participate in the event, especially since the expected discounts on the offered units will start from 5%. The collective selling solutions that are available to users through an event like Aqarmap Expo are one of the most prominent modern global trends in Real estatemarketing; it is a step that will pave the way for the establishment of many modern technologies in this field, such as artificial intelligence solutions, augmented reality, and virtual reality.


    Commenting on this press release, Amad Almsaodi, CEO of Aqarmap, said: “the decision to purchase a real estate unit is one of the most difficult decisions a user needs to make during his life, and we at Aqarmap work to leverage all digital tools and smart solutions in order to create a research tool that supports the users' decisions, which is achieved by providing a package of solutions that go beyond the idea of searching through the units offered on the digital platform. We provide users with neighborhood guidesprice guides, real estate appraisal services, “Ask people in the area” service, and others.”


    He added, "over the past iterations of Aqarmap Expo, we have overcome the challenges associated with customer confidence in dealing with digital platforms, especially with regards to paying money or making crucial decisions such as purchasing real estate units.Thanks to the range of our services and the credibility of the developers offered on the platform, we are today in a new phase, heading for more confidence, participation and interaction with everything online. "


    It is worth noting that Aqarmap Expo is a digital platform that aims to help real estate buyers reach the best offers through 3 main steps: (a) discovering the participating projects, (b) choosing the appropriate unit at competitive prices after announcing the event’s 3-hour exclusive, and (c) booking and paying an initialadvance to reserve the unit using a credit card. If the purchase procedures are not completed, the full amount may be refunded within 7 days. You can visit Aqarmap Expo website via the link and view the participating projects.

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