Orange Egypt Cooperates with El Orman Association to Implement Various Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • By ; Saber Mohamed

    In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to support the Egyptians and the State’s efforts since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Egypt, Orange Egypt has announced its cooperation with El Orman Association, to support the community with 3 different initiatives that included the establishment of a new paediatrics sector at Shefaa El-Orman Hospital in Luxor, as well as providing El Abbassia Fever Hospital with advanced medical equipment. In addition, the initiatives included the distribution of sacrifice meat among hundreds of needy families in Egypt's villages during Eid el Adha in cooperation with the Orange employees.

    Orange’s first on ground initiative was aimed to cheer up hundreds of unprivileged Egyptians in the villages of Al-Ayat, Atfih, Al-Saf, Barrel, Al-Khasas, and Nahaya Al-Balad, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha to provide sacrifice meat during the feast days to support these families against the repercussions of Coronavirus.

    In the second initiative, Orange is contributing to the establishment of the new paediatrics department at Shefaa El Orman Hospital, the first and largest cancer hospital in Luxor that provides the best free, specialized and integrated health care services for oncology patients of children and adults.

    It’s worth noting that El Orman Association has decided to put a recognition sign on the hospital’s wall dedicated to Orange employees in appreciation of their great contribution in this great humanitarian project.

    Furthermore, Orange is providing Abbassia Fever Hospital – that has been receiving the largest numbers of Coronavirus cases in Egypt - with medical supplies and equipment.

    Commenting on this occasion, Hala Abdel-Wadood, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Egypt, expressed her enthusiasm with launching such initiatives to support the unprivileged Egyptians and bear the burdens of the community. In addition, Abdel Wadood praised Orange cooperation with El Orman Association which has a long history in charity and delivering donation to those who deserve it.


    Abdel Wadood expressed her strong feeling of pride in light of Orange’s employees’ effective participation especially during crisis, stressing that such participation confirms the value of fostering team spirit and the inclination towards voluntary work and reflects the company's moral values."

     “Over the past few months and since the outbreak of COVID-19 crisis in Egypt, Orange Egypt has worked in several parallel paths to support the Egyptians at the economic, health and social levels. We launched various initiatives that include food distribution, donations, providing medical equipment and preventive supplies for medical stuff. We made ceaseless efforts to technically and financially equip and support quarantine hospitals and we still have a lot to do for the Egyptian community in this crisis, even if the number of daily COVID-19 cases continue to decline”. She added.

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