Third Cohort of ‘Google for Startups Accelerator: MENA’ welcomes 11 rising startups

  • By : Bakinam Khaled - Mohamed Elkholy

    Google welcomes the latest startups selected for the third cohort of ‘Google for Startups Accelerator Middle East and North Africa’, a three-month digital accelerator program for top Seed to Series A technology startups based in the region. The startups were selected based on the major problems they are solving and how their products create value for users, in addition to their willingness to use Machine Learning technology to solve business challenges and successfully scale in the long run.

    Here are the 11 technology startups that have been selected for the third cohort of the Accelerator - five of which are either women-led or women co-founded businesses:Jumlaty (Saudi Arabia): An online app that delivers groceries and household products in bulk for the lowest prices MindTales (UAE): An online platform that helps diagnose, monitor and manage mental health. Omniful (Saudi Arabia): Quick-Commerce Operations Platform for retailers and dark-store operators to ship online orders in minutes from existing retail stores.

    Orcas (Egypt): A platform that enables access to personalized high quality learning and assessments for students, while expanding income for tutors and educational organizations. PalletPal (UAE): PalletPal is a digital freight platform designed with shippers in mind, that helps optimize freight shipments and streamline the supply chain.

    Qawafel (Saudi Arabia): A B2B marketplace for coffee and confectionery products such as chocolate and sweets.Sawwah (Jordan): A platform that promotes genuine and authentic tourism experiences offered by local communities in order to develop local tourism around the world.

    SgharToon (Tunisia): A telemedicine that assists therapists in the process of treating children with educational troubles by detecting early signs, involving the parents, and gamifying the process.

    Trippal (UAE): An online platform that offers personalized staycation plans across the UAE, and rewards customers with tokens for upcoming plans or gifting vouchers. Zyda (Egypt): Zyda empowers local food businesses to have stronger relationships with their customers, through a seamless online direct ordering experience.


    “Our program has grown over the last year, thanks to the 22 talented startups that have joined us from all over the region in the first two cohorts, and to the hundreds of mentors that have contributed to the success of this program. We’re excited to apply all the lessons in this coming edition, and help the participating startups scale their solutions for local challenges using advanced technologies”, said Salim Abid, Google’s Regional Lead of Developer Ecosystem in MENA.



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