Adel Hamed CEO of Telecom Egypt: $ 3 billion investment since 2014 .. The Internet accounts for 20% of our revenues and will reach 38% soon

  • An agreement to disclose information with Vodafone Egypt and educate investors on the true value of the stock


    By , Basel Khaled

    Eng. Adel Hamed, CEO and Managing Director of Telecom Egypt, in response to a question "Digital World" on improving the level of services in new cities, after the installation of "Fiber Optic", we succeeded during the past year in raising the efficiency of the Internet to three times this We also contracted with 4 technical support companies to identify the problems facing the customer inside the apartment building, inspect the connections and cables, and help customers to solve them. If the problem is outside the building, we take care of the repair service provided.

    In response to the question of "digital world", the company is very interested in the process of mechanization, given its important role in the process of digital transformation. A new system to develop customer services will be launched in mid-November to reflect positively on user satisfaction.

    He added in the process of automation Fanta we provide technical support service and automation of the company's business itself on various levels of work and develop the procedures that we have to change and develop the network and payment systems for customers and trade and some financial procedures and modernization and investment and improve the mental image of the company led to reduce the cost and increase profit rates Applying early pension to employees and rising revenues.

    In response to the question of "digital world" and the impact of the strong financial performance on the company's shares, he said that the financial indicators of Telecom Egypt confirm that the performance is growing at a rate of more than 10% annually which is a very distinct performance, not achieved by any company in the telecom sector, but the dividend yield is of interest to some Investors, especially small investors, therefore seek to change the story of the company with shareholders from simply buying shares similar to a bond or treasury bills and obtaining an annual return until the stock is viewed in the long term.

    He pointed out that 70% of the investors in Telecom Egypt are foreign investors, which is looking for long-term investment, and through our efforts in raising awareness, we intensify awareness about the company's activity on social networks to convey the company's message to the simple investor.

    He explained that we are two companies, the first is "Telecom Egypt" and the second is our share of 45% of the revenues of "Vodafone" Egypt and get a dividend and the investor work evaluated for both companies and not one company.

    He pointed out that we need to intensify the awareness of investors and make the data available to them. We signed an initiative with Vodafone Egypt to disclose their financial information and issue financial information about the two companies. By the end of September, 750 million dollars in 2020

    Engineer Hamed asserted that we have made investment trips outside Egypt to promote the company's share in international markets and explain the company's investment strategy, especially as we are the operator of communications, the nature of our large projects and our work needs many years and therefore looking for long-term investments.

    He explained that the company has invested about $ 3 billion over the past four years in order to develop the infrastructure network in response to the question "digital world." Taking into account that we have obtained licenses from the concerned authorities up to about nine months.

    As for the company's investments in the new administrative capital of Qena 40 billion pounds, Anta said that we want to provide telecommunications infrastructure for the government district and we will finish it in the middle of next year and then resort to the second phase.

    He added our evaluation of the experience of replacing the new Internet router was necessary so that the customer can take advantage of the high speeds of the Internet, where it is installment for $ 5 per month,. The number of users reached 180,000 Router, which is equivalent to about one third of the participants, within a month of its introduction by Telecom Egypt and we assess that the service is good and there is great satisfaction of users taking into account you want to educate users that the service is available and continuous according to the package Selection similar to what happens in electricity and gas services.

    `` We signed with the international group that produces content, such as CNN.We also signed with cloud computing and hosting companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.We will soon provide IPTV services to our customers in Egypt.

    The company has already applied a distinguished program for early exit of the pension and we succeeded in benefiting 3,000 employees of the program, where each employee is granted 1500 pounds monthly salary for 3 years until they do a development project through the financial reward provided by the company who decided to benefit from this the program.

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